Sua Vida é só Um Grão é uma música de "A Questão". É cantada pelos planetas, falando para Gumball e Darwin que suas vidas são minusculas. Eles cantam muito lento, devido aos seus grandes tamanhos.

Letra Original




When you think you've got a problem
And your life is full of doubt
Remember in the scheme of things
Your life just doesn't count

To you, a leaf might seem quite small
But to an ant, it's ten feet tall
It's hard to be objective
So we'll offer some perspective

You think there's nothing greater than the planet you call Earth
But Earth can seem quite skinny next to Neptune's mighty girth

Netuno: [falando] Ui...


'Cause when you think you've got a problem
If you're thinner or you're fatter
Remember in the scheme of things
your life just doesn't matter

Now the Sun can make us all feel small
Cause he's the biggest of us all
But that's just in the Solar System
Bigger things than that exist

The Milky Way
The galaxy
And don't forget the universe
That's just the ones we know about
They're huge compared to you or us

You're tiny and you're minuscule
Irrelevant, a speck
Upon the dark side of that rock
You're just a measly little fleck
Your life may last a century
On Earth, or maybe quicker
But up here, a hundred years is just a flash, a blip, a flicker!

So when you
Think you've got a problem
When your life is full of doubt
Remember in the scheme of things
Your puny, little, tiny, weeny, meager, futile, worthless, teeny, boring, foolish, pointless, minimal, wretched, gloomy, bleak, and pitiful
Life just does not count!

[4.75 bilhões de anos depois....]

Your life just does not count!